Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Layered Garden

When you have a layered garden like mine it is important that that spent plants be deadheaded and cut down so the next show can begin.

Bubblegum Phlox is ready to be deadheaded cut just below the spent flower buds.  This is one of the most mildew resistant phlox but it obviously has had some other issues that did not affect the blooming.

Daylilies play a big part in my garden all season but the early bloomers take up room with messy foliage and no blooms.  Underneath these earlier daylilies I have interplanted Plumbago which is late to appear in the spring and blooms in late summer and fall.  The daylilies are cut back to develop smaller clumps of fresh leaves and let the Plumbago peek through.

Daylily foliage from Dark Ruby

Dark Ruby foliage trimmed down to expose Plumbago.  Daylilies will sprout fresh leaves and the Plumbago will bloom in the late summer and early fall.

Deadheading clematis can be very rewarding such as this Hagley Hybrid which will put on a show as long as those fuzzies are cut off.  The flowers are not quite as large as the springtime flush but just beautiful as a background.

Carefree Beauty will bloom off and on all summer if deadheaded and fertilized.

This is what I have been finding each morning when I go out to water!  They are not something I want to pick off and put in soapy water, Yikes!  I usually spray them with a strong stream of water, doesn't work, they hold on for dear life.  Sevin works, but another group is back the next morning.  I even used the Bayer product that is supposed to stop this.

Pink Promise seems to have escaped the Japanese Beetles but it is battling rose midge.  I can barely keep up with all of the aliens in my garden.

Certain roses still have to be deadheaded to produce continual blooming, the Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, and some Shrub roses to keep them within bounds.  The Knockouts supposedly do not have to be deadheaded to produce flowers but I prefer to keep up with the dead blooms for appearance.

Duchess Of Albany is a later blooming clematis in my garden because it it along the fence that has the lilac peeking over from the neighbor's yard.  It is a huge clematis and I have often thought about saying goodbye to it, but this year it has sort of begged to stay on by being a bit more controlled.

As we are saying goodbye to some of our early bloomers we are saying hello to others that herald the waning of summer.  This is Ligularia Rocket and comes up behind my sun plants in the back border.

Platycodon is in full bloom below the island phlox and rose garden.  It is too large for the edge and may have to be moved so it doesn't fall over.  Oh, we love moving things don't we?

Volcano Pink Phlox with a white eye has taken over for Bubblegum Phlox, not as vivid but definitely acceptable as a replacement.

This plant certainly reminds me of fall, Boltonia Nana, earlier than the other Boltonias and smaller.

A beautiful coneflower and I do not have the name, don't think it is Kim's Knee High as I have this in another location.  It is pretty short only about fourteen inches high, help!

Tetrina's Daughter is a mid-season to late bloomer and is more yellow than the photo.  It is tall and slender about forty-eight inches in height.

Miss Bateman is blooming later than usual but it is in  part shade and had been sheared down by the rabbits in the winter.


Karen said...

Eileen, every time I come over for a visit I learn something new. Since I'm a new grower of clematis, I didn't know they could/should be deadheaded. Will definitely try this to see what happens. My roses look awful this year, bugs and more bugs. Argh. The daylilies are still going strong yet, but it is so humid outside that everything is wet and droopy. Two days of gloomy weather hasn't been fun. Your garden looks fantastic, the garden layering is a perfect idea.

Balisha said...

Hi Eileen,
I have so many aliens in my garden too. Hubby's tomatoes were attacked by the horn worm overnite and the leaves and fruit on top were destroyed.
He was heartsick..he babied those so.

Jenny said...

Likewise, I didn't know abou deadheading clematis. I don't know how or when to cut daylilies, either. You are really helping me. Enno and I took a course in trimming roses a few years ago so they keep trimmed. Also the false sprigs. Thanks, Eileen. xo from a non-gardener transplanted into one...Jenny

Lona said...

I have to admit I do a terrible job when it comes to layering of my plants. I like a plant and stick it in and then end up moving them. LOL! I always deadhead the lilies but I have never cut my lily foliage back before. My Duchess of Albany has not bloomed yet either. Those beetles are so aggravating.They just chew and mate. LOL!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Karen,

The insects don't seem to bother the daylilies except some thrip damage to the leaves in the spring. Certain clematis do better than others at reblooming.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Balisha,

They haven't attacked my veggie garden yet, but I am sure I will end up with something!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Jenny,

Good luck with the clematis, some varieties are better at reblooming than others. You just have to try it and see what happens.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

The daylilies will grow new foliage and I might get a few new blooms on Happy Returns and Miss Amelia, but the new foliage just looks neat.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl: )
Thanks for letting me know about Mr. Brownthumb's experience and the stripe "now you see me , now you don't" thing .. it just struck me as funny! I didn't really mind either way .. I love the black with or without stripes ! haha
I love how you have your layered garden .. I try to do that too .. this year is the first time I have had to radically cut back a lot of the sun strip garden .. it really dried out so extremely that cutting back the foliage (which was mostly too sad to look at anyways).. maybe because my garden is finally maturing that the plants truly show their problems in a big way to me now ?
Thanks again for the help girl !
PS .. my kale looks a little sad even with proper watering .. I think it is just too hot ! haha

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

I have to have a talk with myself about what else I can fit in this garden. I am finding out that if I research the bloom times of the various phlox I can fit a few more of one of my favorite plants.


Diana LaMarre said...

Yuck, that's a big bunch of beetles! I would not pick them off either. I have not seen any, but I think they are eating my dahlia foliage and my hostas. I have sprayed some
Sevin a few times, but not enough to get rid of them all.

There is always something waiting to ruin all of our hard work.

Your beds are looking good. It's always a pleasure to visit your garden.

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

I too am a big fan of the layered garden. As usual, yours is enchanting.

Mary Anne said...


OK that is it!! I am coming by tomorrow to walk your garden....home or not! It looks so fab in spite of the hot hot hot weather we have been having!

As for those Japanese Beetles. . . U G L Y !!!!!


Beth said...

Hi Eileen, Your clematis and balloon flowers are really pretty as are your phlox. You have a stunning garden, and I thank you for all the information you share. We have Japanese beetles this year too. I didn't think they were in our area, but they are now. I had never seen them before a few days ago.
blessings, Beth

BernieH said...

My dream garden is one with gorgeous garden beds where layering is essential ... until the day arrives when this dream comes true, I can just pop in to visit yours. It's always such a treat.

I seem to be having trouble with unwanted garden visitors far more this year than any other year. We don't get those dreaded beetles here, but I've certainly been seeing a whole heap of horrid pests I haven't had to deal with before.

Darla said...

Your gardens are so goreous, always get a good gardening tip here.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Zoey,

The beetles have been bad this year eating all the roses and other goodies. I can't seem to get rid of them no matter what I do.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Allan,

I am getting to the point where I really can't fit much more in it.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Mary Anne,

Bring your hip boots, really got whipped around last night with the storm. I am afraid nothing looks very pretty now.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Beth,

It is a bonus when clematis reblooms. The balloon flowers are in for a move and they don't do this very well, but they are flopping where they are.


Mel_Cole said...

Very pretty blooms. enjoyed reading your tips. haven't tried plumpango but they sure are gorgeous.

The Tablescaper said...

You have an amazing garden. I love how the show continues!!!

- The Tablescaper

Betty819 said...

Thanks for all the great information and garden tips you have passed along to us. Now I have to go outside and put into practice what I just learned on how to deadhead a garden phlox and a clematis. I'm going to set on the front row when you start your next class! My hearing's not as sharp as it used to be.

Betty819 said...

I started on cleaning up Dr. Ruppel clematis..pulled the fuzzies off and the brown dried leaves and cleaned up all the leaves that had fallen around the clematis base, like behind it. Let water run for about 15 min. slowly on the roots. Now about those fuzzies..I pulled the ones that look like a cotton ball but there are a lot that look kind of green still and haven't dried up. Do I take them off too or leave them till they dry up more?

I started deadheading the garden phlox out front and put down the soaker hose at 101 degrees. Had a hat on and was working in the shade as the garage shades that flower bed this time of day. Cut back my Snow Lady shasta daisies and clustered bellflower to basal foliage.

Raspberry wine bee balm has bloomed, I deadheaded what was left and threw them down on the ground by the stalks..If there are seeds inside, maybe they will germinated? I couldn't find any seeds. Do I cut the stalks down to the ground now?

Gatsbys Gardens said...


You are on a roll, cut the clematis off at the stem if the flower is gone, no waiting until it turns browm. Not all clematis get wilt and not all rebloom. I cut my shatas to the ground just about now and they form new mats of foliage, no new flowers. Take it easy in the heat.


Sissy said...

Gorgeous garden! I love your layered design!

Betty819 said...

I'm anxious now to get the coneflowers cut back, they are so heavy with blooms but the blooms are fading so much. I had one plant staked because it was so heavy. Don't know where I got such tall plants. They may have to go next year. Have a shorter version but don't know the variety. I like Kim's knees. More drought tolerant plants for me next year and more soaker hoses. I will be working on taking the dried brown leaves off the Westerplatte tomorrow or after dinner this evening, when that flowerbed is shaded. Have a great day!


I love your different types of Phlox and 'Hagley Hybrid' is a stunner. I'm not going to be afraid to cut back my Daylily foliage now, thanks to you.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Mel,

Plumbago come up late and bloom late in the season so they are perfect under other perennials.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Grace, keep cutting, I have a lot more to cut this week.


Tootsie said...

What a pretty post!!! Your photos are just lovely! I hate bugs that threaten my gardens!!!
Once again I am just loving the tour of all the gardens that have linked in to my little party! I am so excited to visit each and every post...they are all so inspiring and I am NEVER disappointed! The creative gardens and colorful displays that I am lucky to see are inspirations that I would never have found had I not found each of the gardeners I see online! Thank you so much for sharing your garden with my Friday Flaunt this week...I do hope you will link in again soon!
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

The Country Nest said...

What a great blog you have. I am happy I found you by way of Fishtale cottage. I will become a avid follower!!

Betty819 said...

Eileen..what is the variety of coleus that you used in your header on July 28, 2011? It is so colorful..that's got to go on my Wish list for 2012!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Betty, I am sorry I am not sure, thought I had daylilies in the header the past few weeks. Once I take the header off it is gone into the file, no date. I have Perilla up there right now, not a coleus but related.


Anonymous said...

Eileen, do you work in any type of manure or compost when you plant your daylilies? I don't have either of those here but I have leaf gro and spaghnum peat moss. Would either of these do? Don't want to have to go out and buy large size bags of mentioned because I have limited storage. The soil in two of the flowerbeds is great and well amended and everything grows in that soil.