Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Color In The Fall Garden

You can have just about every color imaginable in a fall garden.  I was never much for fall gardening and just figured it was over after the July burst of color.

Dwarf Fothergilla
I just planted two of these this fall, had a difficult summer at the nursery but I love all of the colors it has turned in the fall.
Clematis Barbara Jackman
This clematis has not bloomed all season, cut it down and voila!
Clematis Comtesse De Bouchard
I also cut this one back slightly and I am getting lots of new flowers.  I think next year I will cut back the type III's after blooming and see what happens!
I have been cutting back some of my type II's and do get rebloom but it is sparse with lots of new vines for a full plant next spring.
Eryngium Big Blue
I just put this in the raised border on the south side about six weeks ago and it has rewarded me with several blooms, and they are BLUE!  For some reason, I did not think it would be this pronounced.  Eryngium Big Blue is a middle of the border plant.  I have it planted in between Chicago Apache Daylily and Heliopsis Loraine Sunshine.
Ruby Perfection
I love this color in the border, not my containers.  It is a little fussy and can lose a few leaves until it settles in until the snow files.
I think my favorite centers are the bright pinks.
Yuck, brown!
Not my favorite color but does provide a nice background for all of the striking hues.
Ajuga Black Scallop
Weigela Wine and Roses
Purple and black are also great colors for a backdrop of all the rich fall colors.
Hydrangea Starlight
Looks better than it has all summer!
I didn't think I would see white in the fall garden, but here it is, think it is in the mushroom family.
Amsonia Blue Ice
This is a low growing spreading plant with blue flowers in the spring and turns yellow in the fall, looks great in front of the Ninebark.
Amsonia Northwind Select is just beginning to turn a lovely yellow.  I am still evaluating this Amsonia in comparison to Hubrechtii.  We will see how it fills out next year as they are slow to reach maturity.
Ninebark Summer Wine continues to amaze me with the range of colors throughout three seasons and a fourth season of exfoliating bark.
Azalea Karen will turn a little darker than this and remain with full leaves all winter.  It doesn't do much during the summer but remain green, but the spring and fall show is worth planting this specimen.
Chanticleer Pear
The leaves have always turned a purple/red at first and then slowly dropped, last tree to drop leaves.  However this year it is turning a bright orange/red and it is early for it to be turning any color.
My Magnolia turns a bronze color in the fall, not much summer interest but another plant that performs in spring and fall.
Panicum Shenandoah
Panicum Northwind
Panicum Ruby Ribbons
I am just thinking to myself, did I ever have any reason for not having color in my fall garden?
Don't overlook those perennials that have been sitting quietly all spring and summer, they can star in the fall, but you have to cut them back to produce new leaves!
Heucherella Stoplight
Heucherella Golden Zebra
I am on a mission to have color through all four seasons!