Thursday, May 16, 2013

Have A Heart

When spring is late like it is for us in the Midwest, the Bleeding Heart is such a welcome sight in the garden.  It just lingers until the weather becomes so hot it can't stand it anymore!

Dicentra Spectablis Golden Heart
This is a favorite, so striking in the garden!
Spectablis does not bloom for the entire season but they are required to die down naturally in order to bloom the following year.
Spectablis Red Valentine
I have this one growing along the north side coming up through the pachysandra.
Dicentra Spectablis
This is just the more common Bleeding Heart, beautiful but not forever.  They do die away at some point so if you divide it will prolong their life in other areas.
Dicentra  Spectablis Alba
This white form of the common Bleeding Heart is later blooming and not as floriforus.
Luxuriant Pacific Bleeding Heart
Blooms all spring and summer

Dicentra Eximia
Blooms all summer