Friday, February 01, 2013

Plant Of The Year

Do we really care what has been designated as "The Plant Of The Year"?  We all have our favorite perennials but we really should take note of what is chosen each year that has sustainability for a wide range of climatic conditions, low maintenance, pest and disease resistance, available in local nurseries and will have interest through multiple seasons.  These are the attributes looked for when a plant of the year is selected.

This year Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum has been selected as the Plant Of The Year for 2013.

Solomon's Seal (Spring)

Solomon's Seal (Summer)

Variegated Solomon's Seal in the Fall

This is a plant that is on the north side of my home, some sun and lots of heat.  It received good amounts of water but never flinched in the heat, no browning, wilting or die back.  It's a winner!

2012 was another winner through heat and drought, Brunnera Jack Frost.

This is a perennial that will not disappoint, spring, summer or fall!

A great plant to intermingle in the summer border

Brunnera Jack Frost will take quite a bit of sun, no browning leaves, beautiful all spring, summer and fall.