Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Celebration Of Food

The Standard Market is a celebration of food imagined by four local people who are from the food industry.  They forged this idea through a proof of concept to obtain funds and open a unique type of grocery store. 

There were no food samples, which is unique in itself, they only accept credit cards, no cash and do not encourage tipping in their restaurant or grocery loading area.

There is a huge footprint, concrete floors, fantastic presentations of food, a wine bar, a restaurant and a full scale on-site bakery.

The presentation of food is wonderful especially as you walk in the front door.  This is not an organic food store although many of their purchases are from organic farmers and always what is in season.

Pink Lady Apples

I couldn't resist the salsa and guacamole display, however, I bought the guacamole on the right and it had habanero peppers in it, husband ate it!  Everything is made fresh daily and the guacamole had big chunks of avocado in it, next time I will go to the left.

The fresh squeezed juices are prepared on site.

Eggplants and Squashes

I do like those thick asparagus.

I did buy the green beans, so fresh!

Hot stuff!

Lots of fresh fruits

Potatoes that look like a work of art

There is a great wine and liquor area and even a wine bar where you can enjoy wine by the glass while shopping.

Multiple cases of cheese are right next to the wine, great combination!

Dinner every night as a carryout

Great fresh fish and also offered frozen

Lots of choices for the beef, bone in, no bone, choice, prime

The deli with homeade everything

The bakery is full service and on site.

The idea of this store is to make food shopping a colorful entertaining experience!