Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Heat Resistant Annuals For 2013

Plant breeders are paying close attention to our changing climate and each year are introducing more and more heat resistant plants.

These are just some of the new introductions that will tolerate heat.

Glamouflage Grape Petunia
Variegated Foliage
Blue A Fuse Petunia
Each flower is a different color combination.
Supertunia Watermelon
I can't wait to try this one as some of the other Supertunias are great in the heat and last all summer.
Trilogy Petunia
Great in the rain 
Supercal Artist Rose Petchoa
This is a cross between a petunia and calibrachoa and is much more heat resistant than either of the parents.
Supercal Blushing Pink Petchoa
Blushing Princess Allysum
Four to eight inches tall and trails to three feet
Frosty Knight Allysum
Sungelonia Angelonia Family
Compact, tons of blooms, white, deep pink and blue
Lanai Vintage Rose Verbena
Estrella Pink Star Verbena
Caliente Deep Rose Geranium
Self-cleaning, constant bloom, slightly trailing
These are just some of the new introductions for 2013 that are advertised as heat resistant.  Hopefully, we can find some of these new annuals in the nurseries.  Annuals are expensive so it is worth planting the varieties that will stand up to the heat of our recent summers.