Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Stars Have Arrived

You know when Al Roker from NBC and Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel arrive in Chicago you can bet you are going to get hit big!  Or else, why would they be here if it wasn't a big story?

As I opened the front door, I found a snow pressing of my door design.

We get a little jaded in this area because many storms have been hyped on the media and then it's a miss.  All of the really big ones have missed us for over ten years, but this one everyone seemed to take seriously.

In the lower part of the picture I have about three feet of snow drifting up against the storm door, could not get this one open.

It is still snowing and we are up to 20" in my area, and I am looking at Al Roker on TV covered in snow on Michigan Avenue.  The Today Show has been preempted by our local snow coverage.

This is the view from the door that I can't open, going to have to make a little path if I can get out through the garage.

The little sticks poking out of the snow are about three and a half foot bushes.  The drifts are in all shapes and sizes many much higher than this one.

My Veggie Garden
Do you think this is what they mean when they say you can plant spinach and lettuce on top of the snow?

I'm in the house for at least today and maybe more, alley not plowed, streets not plowed, the National Guard has been called out, and the powers that be are telling us to stay in our homes!