Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back At The Pond

I try to make a yearly summer visit to my brother's and sister-in-law's garden which has a main feature, "the pond."

It is a little less clear this year, and we are not sure if the cold winter was the cause.  This is a concrete in-ground pond constructed in the 1930's.  You can see asters in the front (not blooming) and Persicaria Polymorpha in the background.

Capone, the Boston Terrier, is the trooper who guards the pond.
Behind the Persicaria are glass art tiles.

Addie is Barbara's mother and there is a garden dedicated to her.

Addie Branch Smith Daylilies

Faux wreaths encircle containers

Plants in drawers on the deck

The Magellan Zinnias were started indoors from seed and are all around the pond in a variety of colors.
We are on our way out to the front of the house with plantings and vintage milk pails flanking the side door.
Birdhouses have been added to the front planters.
The original pond posting is at the bottom of this blog (2011) with subsequent ones last year, and 2012.