Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring In Full Swing

It has been such a busy week and I am sure many of us have been working nonstop to get plants into the garden.  I have been especially concerned about the plants I started from seed that I hardened off but were so crowded in their containers.

I have not been able to keep up with blogging and digging but I am sure things will calm down when everything is finally in the ground.

I love Bleeding Heart in the spring garden, impressive and dainty at the same time!


This season they are huge at least three feet tall and three feet wide.  They stay green a long time after flowering, do not cut down until they turn yellow.

Things are beginning to pop on the north side of the house, Solomon's Seal, Astilbe and Dinosaur Fern.

Muscari Blue Spike
Muscaris are very different in their shapes, leaf structures and their blooming times and also their colors.

 Valerie Finnis

Tulip Tangerine Beauty

I always put my herbs in a separate container because my veggie garden is small and I cannot take a chance of them overtaking the few veggies I grow.

I have planted onions, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, spinach and parsley, cucumbers will be planted later.

I ordered the lettuce seeds from Burpee this year and it is just a green and red leaf lettuce, also planted a red Bib lettuce which is just coming up.

Hyacinth Woodstock

Funny, I don't remember planting these cream colored doubles and green and yellow striped tulips.  Maybe, I bought a bag at one of the big box stores late in the season, must look at my orders!

I kept my tropicals in the house over the winter.  This is the Croton and it looks pretty good for not being in a tropical environment.

Agave in the same tropical container overwintered in the house.

Anemone Sylvestris