Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ebenezer's - A Gem In a Perfect Setting

I have been antique shopping at Ebenezer's Gift House on Prospect Avenue in Clarendon Hills, Illinois for many years, but I never took the time to really look at those magnificent window displays, the vignettes throughout the store or Catherine the owner, also an author and illustrator of children's books.

Ebenezer's is located on 14 South Prospect Avenue in Clarendon Hills, Illinois.  It is convenient to the Burlington train from Chicago about twenty miles west of the city.

I know, you are going to say this is not your typical suburban window display - no it is New York!  Kitty's son David (who is a professional staging designer) comes in from New York several times per year to do the window displays and stage the rest of the store.

This is the skirt of bows on the lady above, taken from the front window because I was fearful I would break something if I tried to get into the window to take the picture, so I chanced this side shot.

Another part of that wonderful front display window.  I had to take it through the glass because I was concerned about walking around in the very small space in front of the glass.

Please join me on this trip through Catherine's (Kitty's) establishment because it is quite a journey of the old and new all blended into a delightful experience.

This is the other side of the front window with a nativity scene set up on an antique leaded glass window surrounded by figurines.

The building is storefront on the ground floor with two wonderful vintage apartments on the second floor, all decorated in a timeless fashion to display the wonderful antique offerings.

A daily treat or Advent Tree for the month of December

Santas, snowmen, bears - they are everywhere!

This is the candy cane Christmas table with candy canes put over the side of vintage bowls and peppermints in the center with red candles.

You can see how striking this is with a down shot of the table.

This is the Depression Glass Room (tucked out of the way in a long open closet) with all of those wonderful colors of the era.

One of many trees decorated for Christmas

The Party Table

A beautiful dining table set with Gorham China

Green Depression Glass

A Vintage Kitchen

The kitchen Christmas tree

    The two bedrooms in the larger apartment are filled with treasures of the past.

   There are many dresser sets in porcelain, celluloid and Bakelite.

This was my favorite room because it is so unusual.  Catherine's son David stripped off random pieces of the wallpaper that had been applied through the years.  It was like a decor timeline!

The kitchen in the smaller apartment with vintage aprons and tablecloths

Kitty took over another space next door with larger furniture, dining room sets, buffets, etc.  Let's take a look:

My daughter-in-law and I really liked these green leaf trees.

The front window of the adjacent shop

What a great tree with the peacock

Such a creative display on an old hall tree!

A Thanksgiving Table

The Children's Room  with hand painted furniture and handmade stuffed toys

Handmade Baby items

Enchanting selections of children's toys and books

There is so much to see in this shop that it is something to experience over and over. 

David and his mother have made this into an exciting and unusual shop in the heart of suburbia.  Daughter Cathy does the website, truly a family affair.