Friday, April 02, 2010

A Magazine Worth Owning

I just received my new issue of GardenMaking.  I know, you are saying, "I never heard of that one!"  Well, it was a recommendation from my blogging friend Allan Becker from the gardenguru a couple of months ago.  It is published in Canada, and as Allan said, it is all gardening information, not advertisements.

I am so thrilled with the article Allan Armitage wrote saying phooy to all of those people who worry about how to pronounce all of the latin names and making the garden perfect - it is always a work in progress.  He loves the idea of sticking plants in that we like even though they may not go with the "design."  How can you try new plants if you don't experiment?

Another article that impressed me with it's ease of understanding was Six Steps To A Beautiful New Border by Stephen Westcott-Gratton.  He tells us that a new border should blend in with the overall garden design i.e., if curved beds already exist, it should be a more casual border rather than structural and geometric as in straight bed borders.  He goes on to stress mapping out dimensions, improving soil, adding a focal point, choosing plants and planting.  This is a great article for beginners or seasoned gardeners who need reminders.

GardenMaking has article after article (I counted twenty-one), with a minimum of advertising pages.  You might find it here in the States at a major book store like Barnes & Noble or Borders, or look it up on line.  In the United States, it is $29.95 for six issues and reads like a gardening book each time you receive it..