Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Support Your Plants

It sounds like a new movement doesn't it?  But, I really mean it literally, don't hesitate to support your treasured plantings by any means possible.  Several years ago at my other homes I said if a plant can't stand on its own it doesn't belong in my yard.  Well that eliminated many of the garden plants that have become my favorites.

We love decorative trellises, however, when covered with blooming plants the beauty is not visible!

Even the newly planted need a support to climb.

Pergolas are a great support but will probably require some ties to keep the plants headed in the right direction.

These are two type 2 clematis growing on one support.

Smaller clematis, six feet and under, do well on teuters.

In my small yard with fencing all around it is almost impossible to grow taller plants without plant supports.  The fence interferes with all around light so the plants bend forward.  I read a great article in Fine Gardening last year about using supports in the garden and this gave me the courage to go all out this year displaying my plants in the best possible manner.

This year I am ringing the Miscanthus Udine to keep it from encroaching on the pathway.  When the grass is grown the rings become invisible.

I brought the little metal fences from my last house and have always used them to keep the carex off the path.  Again, they will become invisible as the grass grows.

Blue Paradise Phlox is a favorite but it is much more floppy than other varieties.

The Limelight Hydrangea needs a little reigning in to keep it's branches from leaning over the neighbor's driveway, decorative fencing out in front is the answer.

Persicaria Polymorpha is a beautiful plant and this is my last ditch effort not to give it up.  It got beaten up pretty badly last year in our violent storms.  I have ringed them because the fence does not prevent the stems from breaking.

Lastly, the alley garden is fully supported this year, makes a big difference to ring them.

Many of my garden plants are supported by other plantings, i.e., daylilies coming up in front of Becky Shasta Daily, roses in front of phlox and lilies, etc.  But, if you really want to grow it you may have to support it!