Saturday, January 01, 2011

January In The Garden

I know, you can't actually be in the garden in January especially if you are in zone 5 or below.  This is the month I actually use for planning, catalogs, seed ordering, rose bush and perennial ordering, etc.  I have already ordered a few hard-to-find bare root roses and all of my daylilies are ordered online and deliver large scapes that flower the first year.

Myrtle Dart's Blue

After two days of above average temperatures, close to 60 degrees F yesterday, most of the snow is gone and underneath everything is green and lush.  But this won't be for long as it has dropped to 18 degrees F, browning and leaf drop will occur quickly.

I should have taken a photo of Heuchera Southern Comfort when the temperature was 60 instead of today where the frost is already beginning to predict its demise.

Becky Shasta Daisy

Even the cabbages look pretty good after coming out from under all that snow!

I will also be ordering some shade perennials because they are so expensive to buy locally.  I am referring to Brunnera and Hellebores.  I have had good luck with because they ship deep planted perennials that become large even the first year.

January is also the month that I begin to draw out my plans for the new planting season, containers, borders and color schemes.  I mention color because I feel it is important to choose a color that will show off your home.  I have pretty neutral stone and brick so I can change colors on a yearly basis from the pinks to the oranges and they all pop against the background.

I am a big color person so I usually end up with every color once I get to the back garden beds, although I do find myself planning specific vignettes of certain colors, such as an orange theme on the patio.

I usually access to see what's new in annuals and work in some new introductions in my container plans.