Friday, April 20, 2012

Around The Garden

We are definitely back to a more normal springtime, cool nights even frost warnings and daytime temperatures in the fifties.  I covered my clematis which is just about ready to break into full bloom.

Clematis Bourbon
This is a smaller clematis, about six feet, perfect for a teuter.  It is covered right now with a black plastic bag because of a possible frost.  Clematis do very well if the flower is closed up tight but these are open and will be more susceptible.

This is Azalea Karen with daffodil Thalia coming up in the middle.  I have another one next to it that is at least a week behind, has buds but just beginning to bloom.  This is a mystery to me right now!

Allium Purple Sensation

Variegated Solomon's Seal

Dicentra Eximia
I have cut away some of the Solomon's Seal so that this small plant which blooms all summer has some exposure.  Don't hesitate to trim out plants that overshadow others.

The pansies will take the light frost but it seems just as they are doing great it is time to pull them out and plant the summer containers!