Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is the time of year that I begin to decide what has been worth growing for the following year and the plants that I will give another year to prove themselves!

Pagoda Dogwood
Definitely a winner of a small tree, I keep it pruned up so that I can grow plants under it.  It likes an acid fertilizer and tolerates moisture.
Azalea Karen
This is a wonderful addition to a garden, evergreen, tolerates the cold more than most azaleas
Amsonia Northwind Select
The jury is still out on this one as it is not on the market and grown by Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.  It is larger this year than ever and I will cut it to about six inches when done flowering.  We will see how it fills out and turns that wonderful yellow color in the fall.
 Hycinthnoides Hispanica Excelsior
Brunnera Angel Wings
I didn't like this one at first but have come to appreciate its very large size and multitude of flowers.
Brunnera Jack Frost
This is one that lasts the whole summer with large leaves and color, blue flowers in the spring.
Variegated Solomon's Seal
This is a real winner, lasts all season into the fall with yellow color at the end of the season.
Hosta Patriot
A wonderful medium sized hosta with thicker leaves that repel the slugs and will grow in part sun and add a vibrancy to a shady area.
Hosta Paul's Glory
I love the way this hosta changes colors as it goes through the seasons.
Heucherella Stoplight
Heat tolerant, striking in the garden and will take quite a bit of sun
Dicentra Spectablis with Jack Frost Brunnera
Heuchera Southern Comfort
One of my favorite Heucheras, a multitude of colors throughout the season