Thursday, November 11, 2010

Around The Garden

I don't think I ever realized I still had a garden at this time of year, but I do!  It is not the riot of color that I have in the spring and summer, but it is a relaxing blend of fall hues with a pop of color here and there.  I think it actually helps us transition without a shock to the lack of growth many of us experience during the winter.

This is Geranium Magnificum.  Many of the perennial geraniums turn red in the fall.

Italian Parsley is one of the few things left in the veggie garden.  It will live through everything but a very deep frost.  Some people cover them with bushel baskets and say they live all through the winter.  I might try this because I love fresh parsley.

I do prefer Curly Parsley on Parslied Potatoes.

I have chives still left and some small onion sets from the seed that are alive and will live through the winter to become strong first onions in the spring.

Henryi, goodbye already, I can't believe you are still putting out blooms on the back arbor!

Pansies in the shed hayracks

Great color, never have seen this sold separately, just in mixed containers

I did a little Terry Evans experiment, holding the camera at my waist for this shot of my daylilies.  I think it works, I have a new perspective of dying leaves.

This is Panicum Northwind, don't think I have ever noticed the little seed heads, but I got so close with the camera I couldn't help but notice.

I will definitely use some of the Limelight Hydrangeas in my holiday decorating.

Sweet Woodruff, extra thick and green this year

Miscanthus Udine, Oh how I hate to cut this down, but it will flop in the snow and be very difficult to handle in the spring.

Halcyon Hosta and PJM Rhododendron, another Terry Evans technique photo from the waist looking down.

A last look at the fully opened cabbages and the totally blooming pansies and kale.  I will be pulling them out while it is still somewhat warm so that the soil doesn't freeze and make it impossible to put in my holiday greens.

I have never had Lobelia last this long into the fall but it is still blooming in with the cabbages.

I don't know what we would do without all of the colorful fall plants.  I have appreciated the cabbages more than ever this year with their slow opening as the weather changes, only sorry I can't keep them longer, because they must make room for the greens of winter.

Okay Rainbow, goodbye already!

Have a wonderful fall weekend everyone!