Thursday, September 08, 2011

Summer's Gone

I am a big fan of Paul Anka but I do not remember this song.  My guess is that as a teenager I would not have liked to hear the words of this song so I must have dismissed it.

However,  with maturity I am more realistic and know that the signs are everywhere announcing the forthcoming season.

Heliopsis Lemon Queen is the first sign that Fall is inevitable.

Autumn Fern is turning color more and more each day.

Vera Jameson Sedum is in full bloom.

Endless Summer Hydrangea is not in my good graces but its fall coloring is earning it some points.

Arnie's Choice daylily is fresh and green again surrounded by Plumbago and cabbages.

I used several Gerber Daisies in my plantings this year, most not successful.  These are the best looking planted by my front walk.  They will succumb quickly to the cool fall temperatures.

I have several Crotons and they will not do well below 50 degrees, so I will bring them indoors for the winter.  They do well inside and do not get buggy, etc.

My best petunias, Bubblegum, Bordeaux and Tidal Wave will stay around for awhile since petunias are cold tolerant.

Phlox will continue to bloom as long as it is deadheaded, Laura in foreground and Franz Schubert.

Blue Paradise Phlox in a shadier area

Miscanthus Udine is just beginning to send up its pinkish plumes with aster Purple Dome in the foreground with just a small hint of purple showing.

Autumn Fire Sedum is beginning to show its colors, more upright than Autumn Joy but not the same intense coloring.

The gauras love to peek out in the fall, both pink and white are beginning a profuse blooming period.  You can only wish they come back!

Agastache Blue Fortune in the alley garden tends to lean because of the fence behind it.  I will have to encircle it next spring to keep this from happening.  This plant has a wonderful licorice fragrance but is a bee haven so do not plant near a walkway.

Rainbow Knockout is a rose that fills the fall with blooms until November.  It was especially hard hit this year with the midges and Japanese Beetles, I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is.

Unique Hydrangea is turning pink which will eventually become rose colored.

The herbs will soon need to be cut and tied for hanging in the garage ready for use throughout the winter months.

All of the Heucheras are wonderful in the fall with their colors and blooms.  This is Heuchera Purpurea Villosa.

Home Run Pink, what can I say, it has weathered the insects has virtually no disease and has grown by leaps and bounds.  The pink is electric not purple/pink but a warm reddish pink.

Home Run Red with Kim's Knee High Coneflower and Rainbow Knockout

The Home Run Rose Red is a royal red with a gold center.

I have trialed these two types of Home Run roses this year in all areas of my garden even in part shade and they have all done very well.  I did fertilize them with my other roses with the Bayer 3 In 1 Formula Systemic.  There was some rose midge involvement but very little interest in them by the Japanese Beetles, no black spot or mildew.  They do not need to be deadheaded and will produce rose hips along with continual flowering.  Let's look for these next year distributed by Proven Winners Choice.