Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Rose Worth FInding

I began the planting area on the walkway from my patio with three Pink Meidiland roses.  I did not know much about them at the time except that they were shrub roses which meant carefree to me.  They grew well the first year, beautiful deep peachy pink flowers with branches that looked like they would like to weave if they could. 

The following year only two plants returned.  Not overly concerned and thankful that I had two left, I headed back to the nursery to replace one Pink Meidiland only to be informed that they were no longer available from the supplier.  I headed to the internet and to my amazement, there was only one nursery that had it listed.  At the same time I decided to order some Rainbow Knockouts and the one Pink Meidiland.  I was informed by return email that this nursery no longer had this Pink Meidiland - same story supplier no longer growing this rose!

I was so upset that nobody had this great rose, I emailed back to Garden Valley Ranch in California and told my sad story, but to no avail.  I did receive my Rainbow Knockout bareroot roses, and all of them are thriving to this day.  But what I didn't tell you is that as I opened the box, wrapped in newspaper, was a fourth bareroot rose.  As I unwrapped it out popped a little note saying, "Pink Meidiland, it's all yours."  I really think the owner of the nursery dug it up from his garden!

It is very difficult to find but I did notice on this California website that there are still some available.  I can't imagine why they have virtually taken it off the market being as carefree as it is, no blackspot, wonderful rosehips in the fall and shiny leaves.