Monday, August 16, 2010

The Neglectful Gardener

Usually I wouldn't think of myself in this category, but lately all I can do is water the drooping containers before it gets too unbearable to stay outside.  I spritz a japanese beetle once in a while and prune an overhanging plant as I retreat to the house.  I see many more chores I should be doing but just can't stand the heat!

The single Knockouts have performed much better than the doubles this summer.  They seem to be able to take the heat with normal sized blooms whereas the doubles had very small blooms most of the summer.

Pink Mediland Rose has just begun reblooming after a season full of japanese beetle damage.

Pink Beauty has bloomed sporadically but has also been susceptible to the japanese beetles.

I have pruned only three of the seven boxwood that line my patio, maybe if I did one per day it would seem like less work.  Some of the grasses need to be cut back on the outside edges because the rain has put them over the pathway.  The Rhus Aromatica has been sheared about seven times this year (usually two is sufficient) and it has the scale back again.  I am ready to yank them and put in something more carefree, what?

Just one bloom on Nelly Moser - take note of the bites!

I am not even sure what this one is anymore, hopefully not Polish Spirit which I pulled out.

Rainbow Knockout just opening up again after an onslaught of the beetles

Mulch is piled up by the shed to lay on the north side path.  Who even wants to slit open the bag not alone distribute it in this weather?


Fibrous Begonias and Impatiens

My husband asked me if I get discouraged around this time of year.  He is not a gardener, but he even noticed the mundane nature of these daily garden chores.  He has taken on the job of watering the hayracks on the north side fence and I think he is becoming depressed over the way they look - half dead!


Why do we do this year after year?  No other endeavor can I think of, except gardening, has the ability to bring the earth back to life, nurture it, replant it, beautify it and live off of everything it supplies.