Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Around The Garden

We haven't been around the garden in a while so I thought before there is nothing to show, I would take a stroll.

The alley garden is a work in progress.  I have learned that when anything is planted against a structure it tends to lean forward and needs to be supported to look its best.  The grasses were ringed this year along with the Centranthus.  I will be doing the same with the agastache next spring.  If nepeta Walker's Low is cut back after blooming it will rebloom in the fall.

Eupatorium Chocolate is a welcome sight in the fall, used to cover a utility in this case.  The leaves are a dark burgundy all summer but then turn lighter when flowering, wishds they stayed dark!

Clematis Barbara Jackman planted by the back gate is new and putting out its first bloom.

Who knew cabbages could be so pretty in the hayracks on the shed.

In the planters by the garage

Home Run Rose is developing hips and is supposed to keep flowering unlike other roses.

Pansies are so great in the fall and will survive through a frost.  In the colder areas they must be purchased in a larger size or you will not get much flowering before they freeze.

I love the mahogany color but they do not name this pansy and put them in baskets with multiple colors.

I noticed I had a ruffled one in the hayracks, again no name because it was included in a basket mix.

You can see in this photo why it is called Knockout Rainbow.  The colors change as it first blooms in a darker peach, then pink and finally into a very pale pink.

The geranium is a common summer annual and many seasoned gardeners tend to avoid it.  However, it is a plant that goes lightly into the fall continuing to bloom and withstanding light frosts.

Ninebark Summer Wine a little sad looking in its Proven Winners pot from Home Depot, the only one I could find.  I am adding this to the other three that I have along the north side front garden.  I have decided not to clip it back at this time or I will lose any flower buds that it might have.

This is one of my previously planted Ninebark Summer Wine clipped a few times before August 1, for shaping.

I have moved Amsonia Northwind Select to this area.  They look pretty meager right now, hope they fill out next year.  I am going to have some bluestone moved to go around the Magnolia in this area so I can't plant too much at this point until I see what I have available.

Now the Gerber Daisy decides to bloom!  Even though it is a striking flower I will not grow this again.

Heuchera Autumn Leaves, don't they all begin to look alike?  I have put these on the north side front behind the Amsonia.