Friday, November 25, 2011

A Vintage Christmas Decor

I have been working in just about every area of holiday decor, inside, outside all around the house.

The tree is done, narrow because of the area it must fill, lots of memories on this tree from my children and students through the years.

The mantle in the family room is filled with vintage and faux decor.

The mirror is vintage and the candles are celluloid (from the 1930's) lit from underneath.

The sconces are from the 1920's, a hotel in Chicago, and the candle holders are amber glass with etching from the 1930's.

I made the stockings many years ago for the whole family, even the dog.  I have since given my children their stockings to use in their home.

Ralph Lauren fabric with applique from several years ago.  I wrap them carefully and bring them out every holiday.

A small tree by the fireplace

A basket on the other side of the fireplace with faux greenery and ornaments