Wednesday, January 05, 2011

It Has Been One Year

It has been a year since I began blogging!  I cannot believe that I have lasted this long because it is really an endeavor and a job.  I have always loved writing so it is not a surprise to me that I have sustained the writing part of blogging.  But, the photography challenges have been a definite learning process.

I began with a Canon EOS Rebel Camera, very heavy, not a portable camera to carry with you on a daily basis.  I bought a polarizing lens during the summer and subsequently lost it in the garden, fell off of the camera. 

I then bought a small point and shoot camera, a Canon 210 SX 14 megapixal with a great zoom lens.  It is fine but does not get the macro pictures that the larger camera gets. 

I have been challenged by the concept of the blogger in todays society and the idea of writing and using photos to tell a visual story very similar to a newspaper. 

My first post was on the rabbits and my concern about them eating the tips of my tulips.  This is still a concern since I have seen many rabbits in my garden this winter.

I need to spend time organizing and labeling my photos for easy access.  I really like Frances' idea at Fairegarden where she has organized many of her garden plants into pages and attached them to her blog for all to see.  I really didn't understand how I would use this feature until I saw what she had done.

I am looking forward to another year of learning and I thank all of my fellow bloggers for their support.