Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Your Old Fashioned Petunia

To many of us the petunia is a mainstay annual in our summer baskets and garden beds.  In the past, many of us would give a second thought because of the continual maintenance (deadheading) to keep them producing and beautiful.

Petunia Surprise Black Jack
There are several black petunias now but many growers think their popularity will be short lived.

Well, in recent years most of the newly introduced petunias do not require deadheading in order to keep blooming.

Petunia Blue Vein Merlot
A smaller flower with a mounding habit, some pinching recommended to maintain fullness

Petunia Good And Plenty Purple

Petunia Suncatcher
Very floriferous, trailing but compact

Petunia White Russian
Proven Winners, spreads to 24"

Petunia Hell's Bells
From Hort Couture the first true orange petunia

Petunia Limbo
Dwarf petunia with large flowers, will not spread out

These are just some of the new introductions that you might want to look for this year and below are two previous introductions that have excelled in my hot summer garden.

Petunia Bubblegum

Petunia Bordeaux

All petunias benefit from regular fertilizing and trimming in July to continue strong until frost.