Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Summer's Goodbye

There are certain signs in the garden that announce the end of summer.

When Limelight Hydrangea blooms I know fall is not far behind.  This is a hydrangea you can count on to bloom consistently each year.  It does like sun and water, fertilize with an acid fertilizer in the spring and after blooming.

Unique Hydrangea loves part shade on the north side, not as full as Limelight but turns to a beautiful rose color in the fall.

I'm thinking of pumpkins when I begin pulling out spent annuals and replacing with plants that will not only take our present heat and last through the first frosts.  The ivy is left from my summer plantings and will take the cooler weather.

Zinnia Uproar and late blooming daylily Sandra Elizabeth

Sandra Elizabeth is a great late blooming daylily!
Zinnia Magellan Coral
They are in their glory this time of year but will not withstand a frost.
Cleome Hot Lips
Iris Gerald Darby
I love the light green color against the dark ninebark, however, it has gotten so large it may have to be moved.
My new favorite Pennisetum Piglet
Much lighter, smaller and more free flowing than Hameln
I redid the north side last year putting in a variety of interesting plants.  It has been a learning experience with one side being sunnier than the other, lots of moving plants around adding some full sun plants.
Sedum Autumn Fire
This is a sedum I used in my fall containers last year, planted them along the back walk in November and they are just beautiful!  Don't hesitate to use perennials in your containers for repurpose in the garden later.  I can't find the name for this one, not Vera Jameson!
Rudbeckia Harry Eilers
This is a plant I added this year, tall, see-through, great popping up through zinnias, daylilies, etc.
Deadheading really does extend the seasons, take a little time as you walk by to snip, snip, snip!
Blue Paradise Phlox after deadheading, not as full but certainly worth the effort.
Clematis Bourbon
Type II Clematis will rebloom in late summer if cut down after the spring bloom time.
Allium Millennium
Similar to Summer Beauty, a little shorter, better color and larger fluffier flowers
Huge Purple Heirloom Tomato
This is a grafted tomato sent by Harris Seeds, hope it turns purple before frost!
Heirloom Italian Parsley (Renee's Seeds)
It has a much stronger flavor than the new varieties.
I have carrots planted with it, good luck in harvesting the carrots!
AAS Winner Mascotte
This is the bean for me, only sixteen inches tall, produces beans in five weeks and works well doing two plantings, late  spring and middle of summer.  It will be available as seed for 2014.  I received these seeds from Harris to evaluate in my garden.