Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Time To Cool Things Down

Only in the world of my Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus!  As you can see they have started to bloom and certainly won't be pretty on Christmas Day.

Ziva is very fragrant and floriforus

I will have to cool them off if I want them to last through the holidays.  My plan was to put them in my attached garage where there are windows that let in some light.  However, it has been down in the single digits!

Out of the three small pots only the middle one is a little behind the other two.

It is time to insert some branches to keep them upright.  I did find out that these are sprayed birch branches, thinner than the Red Twig Dogwood.  I did find these at Home Depot but I have also seen them at some of the garden centers.

The larger container (with the eleven bulbs) is a little slower so I will probably keep this one inside a while longer.

The branches can be trimmed down to a lower height.  The flower stems are pretty flexible and can be gently wrapped around the thin branches.

I do have a storage area in my basement that is above freezing, but if I put them in there I will have to leave the lights on!