Friday, January 14, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I can't wait until spring to show all of those bulbs I planted last fall, but this is not going to help the gardener as far as planting for this year's show.

I have decided to share some of the plants which have done very well in my garden last spring and summer.  It was very rainy and hot last year which contributed to the huge growth of many plants and the demise of others.

Variegated Solomon's Seal

Dicentra Spectablis

Astilbe Chinesis Pumila

Carex Ice Fountains

These are mostly plantings that do well in shade to part shade.  I am going to be adding some shade perennials and move some of the hosta which fill in when the Bleeding Hearts die back.

I like the way Halcyon and August Moon look together but I have got way too many of them along the north side.  It's time for some diversity.

They do look nice most of the summer, but I think I need a little color in here!

Hydrangea Endless Summer

This is one hydrangea that did not perform well in the heat.  It had a great first bloom but then sort of shut down with a few new blooms off and on during the summer.  The previous year it bloomed beautifully all summer.  I am going to stick with them another year to see how they perform this summer, not great reports from many of the nurseries I frequent.

I really hope they do well this year because I love the colors!

Hydrangea Unique

Euonymus Wintercreeper
The euonymus still had scale last year after using an all season oil spray.  I will have to try something else in the spring.

Heuchera Raspberry Ice

Japanese Painted Fern

Dinosaur Fern
Cannot find the Latin name of this fern

All of the above plants will survive and do very well in part shade, the ferns and hostas even in deeper shade.  They withstood the heat of last summer on the north side of my home.