Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know, it looks like major damage, but I had to do it now or forget about it for another year.  This is my Rhus Aromatica that can grow three feet tall by eight feet wide, winding its way along a border.  I am not sure I would have planted this if not recommended by a garden designer.  It has had scale and takes a great deal of pruning throughout the season to keep it within bounds.  I should have known it was not a plant for my garden when I saw it at several local shopping centers.

Rhus Aromatica Gro Low

I have rejuvenated it by pruning out all of the sucker branches and bringing it down to about a foot above ground level.  The dormant oil for the scale has already been applied so I am hoping to salvage this border planting before I give up.

Rhus Aromatica Gro Low Pruned
It crawls and winds along the border.

Don't be afraid to rejuvenate or renew shrubbery, looks drastic but soon leafs out to become a better plant.  Rejuvenating is to remove everything down to four to six inches above ground, renewal is to take out the largest stems every two to three years to stimulate new growth.  I think I did something in between going down to about ten inches and removing a lot of the smaller branches.

I did purchase a product this year by Bayer that lists the ability to eradicate scale insects.  I will put this on in May when these insects emerge from their covering.  If I didn't get them with the dormant spray, hopefully this will do the trick.

I have also noticed scale on my Limelight Hydrangea, wondered why there were several eaten leaves last year, so I will dormant spray this also.

The first crocus, the only crocus, I gave up planting them several years ago when they were eaten as fast as I put them in the ground!

Pink Meidiland Rose has buds.

I have already spread my Espoma Organic Fertilizer 5-3-3.  Try to stay away from the high nitrogen fertilizers because of their tendency to produce more leaf growth than flowers.  The acid loving plants have also been fed with Espoma 4-3-4, going to cease using the high nitrogen Miracid and see if this makes a difference with the flowering ability of Endless Summer Hydrangea.

Early Sensation is a great first bloomer of all the daffodils.

Dicentra Spectablis peeking through

First year I have seen this color combo in a pansy, loved them as violas

Daylilies poking through

The hyacinths can't wait!

We have all been a bit down in these colder climates, and I think as gardeners we live for the anticipation of life and growth.  I feel better, it's beginning!

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