Wednesday, August 04, 2010

And The Heat Goes On

I didn't have to water yesterday because we had another round of heavy storms that did a job on my large dahlias and my miscanthus on the south side of my home.  Weeping, weeping, weeping - need to get more of my ties out and stakes.  It is going to be very stormy, warm and humid again today in the 90's.  I feel like I am preaching to the choir because many of you are experiencing the same or worse!

I had better research more tropical plants, and I do like tropicals, but I never thought I would be thinking of them as a major part of my gardening.  Take a look at the dahlias that I planted in the veggie garden - lush and large because they have a deep reservoir of water to draw on.  The ones in the baskets and hayracks look pitiful.

Both of these dahlias are in the veggie garden.  The rest that I pulled out of the hayracks still look pretty bad!

Daylilies have weathered it all, rain, heat, humidity.  I have ordered some early and late ones to plant for next year.  I am also going to order more oriental lilies as they bloomed beautifully not even noticing the extreme weather.  I will not do hibiscus (annual) next year, very expensive, but did not perform bloom wise in this heat. Next year may be different but I am going to be more global in my plantings so that I don't have a garden of drooping plants.

This is Sandra Elizabeth a late daylily about 30" tall with a 6" flower.  I have ordered more of these to plant for next year.

Caladiums on North Side

Lemon Twist Coleus

My double and single Knockouts have not appreciated this weather, but the Rainbow Knockout is going strong, another reason to plant this wonderful rose. 

Rainbow Knockout

I need to get back to my garden clubs, we need to discuss this summer and our successes and failures.