Friday, October 15, 2010

Around The Garden

I haven't done Around The Garden in a while so I figured I had better do it this week or there will be nothing left!

This is the tree across the street from my home, pretty well into shutting down for the season.  But, I still have the last vestiges of summer going on at my place.

Comtesse De Bouchard is still blooming after deadheading about two months ago,

I clipped Fireworks here and there and this is what it is doing.  I should have clipped it more - next year.

This is a clematis that is blooming on the same trellis as Miss Bateman.  It looks a little like Bee's Jubilee, but I don't remember planting this back there.  I think I found it, John Paul II, remember planting it a few years ago and I thought it had died.

I have never seen Creeping Jenny turn this color before.  I know it winters over in zone 5, but in other areas of my garden it is just green.  This was growing in with my tuberous begonias - maybe a different variety.  I like it!

Nicotiana Alata did very well this year.  I think I will leave some standing this fall so it will reseed.

When I pulled this out it still looked pretty good.  I found the tag underneath the roots.  It is called Pineapple Splash - glad I was finally able to identify this lacy coleus.

Echinacea White Swan is still blooming.  This one has done much better this year than the pink ones.

When Eupatorium Chocolate blooms each fall I am glad to see it.  However, all summer long I look at this brown plant and it looks just boring next to all of the color.

Rudbeckia Denver is in my concrete containers still getting many new buds.  I am going to try to winter this over in the garden when I remove them in last part of November.  I think I will put them in the veggie garden with the very good soil.  They are a perennial, but I will be putting them in quite late.

I was really mad at the rabbits this year relentlessly eating Aster Purple Dome, but I think this is the best it has every looked.  This gives me the message that I should prune it down next spring if the rabbits don't do it for me.

The Orange Mango Hibiscus is still blooming on the patio.  I don't have room for them inside so it will not last much longer.

My Rainbow Knockout is the only rose I have left blooming.  My other Knockouts, pink, red, blush all have a disease called rose midge.  My Rainbows have not been affected, another reason to grow this rose!

Rainbow looks very nice when paired with Perilla.  The Perilla is an annual in zone 5 and related to the coleus family.

The Nasturtiums do not like intense heat but they love the weather we are having now, lush with many buds.  Too bad, they won't last through a frost.

Fall changes beginning on Little Henry's Garnet.  I have had many problems with this plant but this is the first year that I have seen the overall color changes and it looks healthy.

Echinacea Meadowbrite Mango still blooming amongst the mums, rudbeckia, cabbage, petunias and sedum

Look who's on my pansies, hope the dragonfly is okay.  There was no movement when I took the photo.