Friday, April 09, 2010

May I Borrow That View Please?

We many times spend a lot of time and money blocking out the views from our garden, garbage cans, messy yards, ugly buildings, alleys, etc.  I know, I put up a fence so I could have a frame for my garden and put in all of the beautiful plants I loved without distraction.

So, here I am with this six foot fence, many lovely plantings but, I have only one tree in my back garden. There was only room for my Pagoda Dogwood which sits back in the corner of my yard.  I feel it may even be a struggle to keep this smaller tree within bounds. 

Early on in this home I realized that I had a room with a view!  As I stroll through the patio door on a Spring morning I have not only a Dogwood, but a beautiful Bradford Pear that peeks over my fence in the background.  I used to have many farm lilacs in my old old house but now I just have one that frames the left side of my patio.  The scent is as wonderful in my yard as it is in my neighbor's.  As I walk around to the north side of my home there are beautifully healthy arborvitaes reminding me of my last home.

None of these trees are mine but they all impact the look of my garden.  Thankfully, they are desirable.  If you have a view next to your garden that you would like to borrow, you don't even have to ask.  Just say, thank you!