Sunday, March 14, 2010

The West Suburban Chicago Flower and Garden Show

We have all heard of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show, but I am sure not too many of you have heard of Wannamakers Flower and Garden Show!  I think it began about ten years ago and each year has become better and better.  It is not elegant or overplanned but is a composite of what we are all about, small planting areas, barbqueing, seating areas, water features.  Best of all, it is free!

Not everyone in suburbia lives on an acre of land.  In fact where I live and many of the surrounding areas we have city type lots that will not accomodate a swimming pool or an expansive patio or deck.

I attended yesterday and I looked like a roving reporter with my small digital camera snapping pictures of the displays.  I had to make a choice between my big digital camera and the pocket version.  I went for the pocket version because I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself.  It is a very personal show, speaking to the owners of growing nurseries, people who make food for hydrangeas that give you pink or blue hydrangeas, your choice!

There were flowers for sale, in fact just about everything was for sale at a discount for the show days.  I was so busy taking pictures and talking that I really was not a focused shopper.  There was this new tomato cage which I bought as an experiment because I have never found a cage that really worked and believe me I have had them all.  Right now I am using an expensive one from Gardeners Supply which still doesn't keep the tomatoes within bounds.  I purchased just one of these new cages because she said Burpee was their biggest customer.  We'll see if it can keep my Beefmaster within bounds!

Maybe these local flower shows are where it's at, servicing and inspiring the locals.  I bought the tomato cage as an experiment and six lilies.