Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day Off

I took a day off from my personal blog to go garden blog hunting.  I will never be finished, but I knew I had to start somewhere.  It was a good day to do this since we had about thirteen inches of snow and an early morning earthquake!  I thought the dog had jumped on the bed, couldn't see anything when the bed shook, so I went back to sleep.

There are many categories of bloggers in every subject area.  It is amazing how talented a group bloggers are - poets, writers, professional photographers, scientists, designers, crafters and most of all gardeners.  Gardeners are life itself, cyclical, renewable, almost like the doctors of the universe!  They participate each year in assisting in the birth of life on earth!  I know this sounds very lofty, but when you have looked at so many blogs depicting the earth just waiting to welcome new life, seed starting, sprouting, emergence, what could be more exciting?

I am not an expert photographer or a poet, but I am comfortable with depicting plants realistically showing how they appear with their surroundings.  But, I have learned that we also need the music, the gorgeous pictures, the poetry because all of these prompt the emotions that make life in a garden worth living!