Wednesday, December 05, 2012


It is time to plant Paperwhites for Holiday bloom.

Duffy has kept me from blogging, baking, cleaning, shopping, etc., but he is cute isn't he?

Paperwhite Ziva
The larger bulbs will bring more flowers.  This variety is more fragrant and floriferous than other varieties.
Smaller Ziva Bulbs will not have as many flowers.
I planted the smaller ones in a glass container with glass marbles.
I put put in some more marbles to top it off.
I love this container, bought it last year at West Elm.
Water was added to cover the bulbs two thirds up.
The large ziva bulbs were planted in soil.
These will definitely have more flowers than the smaller bulbs.
I had to buy a Poinsettia grown at our local nursery.
I gave in again this year and bought two cyclamen, smaller variety with variegated leaves.
The pup got out of his contained area and bit off one of the flower buds!