Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Early Spring In My Closet

I had put off way too long organizing my receipts to be filed away in my closet file cabinets.  So, I pulled up my little bench seat and began going through what looked like an overwhelming task.  I used four wire file baskets to sort, and soon I started to come upon my receipts from last fall for all of the bulbs I ordered. 

It seemed like such a long time ago that I was so excited thinking of what my landscaping would look like with all of these beautiful bulbs.  Muscari Armeniacum Saffier, Narcissus Itzim, Narcissus Rijnvelds Early Sensation, were part of my order to Scheepers.  I do remember planting many bulbs this fall, however, I am not too great about putting markers down because I do know the names of most of my bulbs and perennials.

Wow, I went a little crazy this year trying to be different.  I will probably have to look these names up on the internet this year to identify them in the spring!