Saturday, June 15, 2013

Around The Garden

I should have a sign "Under Construction" on my blog like they do on websites in progress.  My kitchen has been torn apart for the past few weeks and has a few more to go before completed.  The only place that looks decent right now is the garden.

Henryi and Miss Bateman blooming together both Type II's
Geranium Magnificum
Krinkled White Peony
Iris Caesar's Brother
Clematis Fireworks on the pergola, Type II
I will cut this down to about six inches when done blooming, new growth will get some rebloom and will not get cut down again until next summer.  I treat all of my Type II's to a haircut and some food when they are done blooming.  This makes for a much fuller plant and less woodiness.

Rouge Cardinal Clematis
My first Type III to bloom
Geranium Karmina
The geraniums blooming now do not rebloom but they are worth having in the spring garden.
Ninebark Summer Wine
Tor Spirea
This one is a keeper, unlike any other spirea, low maintenance and beautiful three season interest.
Heuchera Pinot Gris
Strong growing variety, keeps it's color all four seasons, first to bloom
Heuchera Villosa Purpurea
This is the daddy of all of the new Villosas in the foreground, beautiful flowers, Southern Comfort in the back

Allium Schubertii
Unique, twelve inch globes
I grow this with new bulbs each year, don't always come back the same size.
Allium Star Of Persia
This is a fall planted bulb that is not that easy to find but certainly worth the effort, first saw this at Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.  It blooms late spring and early summer, a great layering plant as it dies down to let others put on a show.
Rainbow Knockout
This is the earliest of all my roses, hope to get back with a rose show next week!