Thursday, January 06, 2011

It's Only The Beginning

The seed starting light stand is on its way and I have placed an order for the seeds from Burpee.  I received many catalogs and went through each one to see where I could order the most seeds at one time rather than paying numerous shipping fees.  For what I needed this year Burpee had the most of what I wanted.

I ordered the narrow four-shelf model which will fit very well in the space that I have available in my basement storage room.  The plant light stand is from

For the veggie garden I am going more conservative this year with varieties that I know will perform well.

Baby Leaf Mix (5 gourmet baby lettuces)

Looseleaf Blend (5 loosleaf lettuces)

I find that my family likes the lettuce blends so this is a better choice for me rather than the new single introductions.

Mariachi Pepper (2006 AAS Winner)
Very prolific pepper on the spicy and hot list

I am going to start some old friends like Amaranthus and some new zinnias, impatiens and petunias.

Amaranthus 'Love Lies Bleeding'
I will grow this in full sun this year not overshadowed by grasses.

Amaranthus Green

Zinnia, Zahara Double Fire

Zinnia, Highlight Zahara Yellow

Tidal Wave Petunia Silver (All America Winner 2002)

Impatiens Wild Thing

Well, I am back seed starting after several years of down time.  I didn't think I would take this on again, but this is one of the results of blogging and wanting to try some plants that were not readily available on the market. 

I won't be starting any of the veggies under lights this year, buying already set plants in the spring. but the flowers will take center stage with selections that I have not seen at the nurseries or garden centers.