Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging 101

We have all been there, sitting in front of a computer signing up to begin a blog. Oh, that part is easy, do this, do that, click, apply. Wow! I have a blog.

Nasturtiums still blooming, where did that color come from?

Most of us realize pretty quick that there is no one to answer the multitude of questions that we have. Sometimes, we find a friend online who will give us some basic information on how to upload photos, how to keep those photos with the post, how to put a photo on a header that doesn't look giant and many more.

Cabbages on one of my neighborhood excursions.

I met a fellow blogger at one of my garden club meetings. Her name is Mary Anne and she is an interior designer who owned a retail design shop for twenty-four years.  She had already hired someone to help her with the intricacies of blogging but, as we all know, blogging is not just computer expertise.

This was the home I went by a couple of weeks ago where a crew was putting in the plantings.  It turned out to be both mums and cabbages.

We found lots of bargains at Home Depot for  my daughter-in-law's alley garden, daylilies for $1.97???

Being about ready to pull her hair out we made a date to do some blog set-ups on the new Template Designer.  After figuring out how she could log on to my computer as a new user (she did not have a laptop) we were on a roll, picking a template, choosing colors, print style, adjusting widths, etc., so much to do, so little time.

Miscanthus Pupurescens Flame

It is not over, is it ever?  But, Mary Anne is on her way as a new blogger with many more questions, experimentation and friends to meet.

Panicum Northwind

I have spiced up this blog today with some of my waning garden photos.  You can visit Mary Anne at

Miscanthus (not sure of the name)

Remember, it is a work in progress, the header may change, colors, text and layout may change but we are all happy to support new bloggers.

Happy Weekend!