Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Is It Important To Belong?

Belong to what you say, a garden club of course!  I could not belong to a garden club for thirty-five years because I worked full time and the garden club met during the day.  I am not working full time now, so I was able to join two groups this year to find out where I really belong.  Both of them are enjoyable for different reasons. 

Monday I went to the more serious group and we were going to have a demonstration of Asian cooking by someone I had known years ago.  She has traveled the world and written four books.  I am not a fan of Asian cooking, and my husband told me I had better eat before going.  Oh, I forgot to tell you, this demo was being held at Bloomingdales near the suburb where I live.  Our meeting was going to be on the third floor before the demo, so I strolled up and this lovely person from Bloomingdales offered to take my coat.  Where am I?  I thought I was at a fancy downtown  restaurant, but I was up there among the rugs and mattresses. 

There were lovely little round gold clothed tables, and we peeked into the covered treats on the buffet.  This didn't look Asian, but it looked delicious.  I was so glad that I had not eaten.  After lunch and a short business type meeting, we were ushered downstairs for our cooking demo. 

We all agreed that this specific meeting had little to do with "gardening," but it certainly had a lot to do with a group of gardeners getting together to enjoy being with each other.  Next month, we will really get down to business!