Friday, May 13, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I think I am aware of every bone, muscle and joint in my whole body!  I am hosting my Garden Study Group on Monday and believe it or not, the presentation is on Body Fitness for Gardening.  I would say it comes a little late for me as I need to know what to do to repair a broken body.

I am loving the view on both sides of my home with beautiful foliage and flowers.  Even though we are in the suburbs our lots are urban in size and we love to share the spectacular flowering trees and flowers.

I believe this is a Crabapple but I am not positive, just lovely!

This is an old lilac on the other side of my home.  Both of my neighbors own 100 plus year old homes.

I usually do my own containers but every so often I see one that I cannot pass up because of the plants and they are a good deal price wise.

I bought this container at Home Depot a Proven Winners design for $16.98. I counted the number of plants and couldn't pass it up for the price.

The containers should look like they are beginning to bloom but not like the middle of summer.  So many containers are overgrown in the spring and you will spend the summer cutting back or replacing.

This one was also a Proven Winners design and full with many plants for $22.98 at Home Depot, again a good deal for the number of plantings and just beginning to fill out.

Allium Purple Sensation

Azalea Karen
Blooms later than the Rhodies, leaves stay on all year and one of the hardiest

Something blue, Intensia Blueberry Hill, just beginning to put together my containers and hope to show them to you very soon!