Thursday, April 25, 2013

Around The Garden

It hasn't been much fun walking around the garden lately, so little to see for most of the spring, but I am inspired by the blooms over the past week and hope that warmer weather will come soon.
Forsythia Bronxensis Greensteem
This is a smaller lemon yellow variety.
Daffodil Sagitta
Daffodil Marieke
Daffodil Itzim
Very early and lasts longer than Tete-A-Tete
Daffodil Spellbinder
Daffodil Fortissimo 
Front South Border
The containers haven't really taken off yet, daffodils coming up in middle.  It will be time to plant for summer before anything happens here!
This is the time of year I enjoy the groundcover Myrtle Blue Dart, adds an extra blooming dimension to the garden.  Be careful with the types of groundcover you choose or you will be tearing it and your hair out if it begins to overtake your garden.  Blue Dart is one that is a little dificult to plant through but is not invasive like other myrtles.
Hyacinth Blue Delft
These come up each year under the Itea and I hate to move them, they look so natural.
Hyacinth Pink Pearl
When Hyacinths look natural and a little floppy they are at their best, not soldiers anymore but dancers in the garden.
Daffodil Ice Follies
I am waiting for lots of blooms to open this coming week with our warmer weather.