Monday, December 20, 2010

A Christmas Tree Tea

I was invited to a Tea Party at the home of the only other blogger I know personally. She gave me carte blanche to photograph everything in her home!  Mary Anne is an Interior Designer but she is also an awesome gardener when weather permits.

The first tree I saw was at the entrance but I had no idea how many more were to come!

A little niche in the hallway (which had been a former closet) displayed another little lighted tree with a wonderful large lantern type enclosure for a manger scene.  The candle is battery operated so it can stay lit safely.

At the end of the hallway in this dimly lit room, I spy another little tree.  It is in the powder room sparkling with the lights on the tree and candlelight.

Another little tree in the guest bedroom.  Don't you love this chair, so unexpected amongst the white linens!

On the kitchen counter tucked away in a corner.

A beautiful gold adorned tree in the family room

Do we ever think of using our cut and pressed crystal as candle holders?  I know mine is coming out of the cabinet where nobody sees it.

This is the most elegant tea party I have every attended and I don't even drink tea!

Vintage cake plates and a fruit display befitting of the season

Mary Anne loves flowers so she had a mirrored niche built behind her sink.

Above is an area for dishes and decor

Another surprise in the formal living room with a traditional needlework pillow

Flow Blue above the greenery adorned  mantle

More trees as I get ready to leave

Well. I have worked my way back to the front door and it has been a wonderful tea party or should I say tree party.  Mary Anne is a very talented designer and I hope to get back to her home in the spring and summer to photograph her garden.  You can visit Mary Anne at

Happy Holidays to all of our fellow bloggers!