Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Motivate - Hort Couture

This is the most important part of a garden show because we need to be motivated to incorporate new ideas into our future gardening experiences. 

Many times these regional garden shows are over-the-top and we can't imagine doing anything they display in our gardens.  I felt the Chicago show was a bit more realistic this year with some obvious flights of fancy.

I like all of these ideas for planter boxes but know the ferns cannot take full sun.  House plants are still big this year for outside and this doesn't bother me if you can find them for a reasonable price.  Bromiliads are expensive as are the ferns, maybe extensive use will bring the price down like it has for succulents.

Try to incorporate some sculpture into your garden this year, something homemade, garage sale, found or from one of the outlet stores.  It doesn't have to be expensive to add interest to the garden.

Water plants can be put in small fountains.  I have mine in a smaller area than this, so there is no excuse not to have that pond you have always wanted but lack the room for an in-ground one.

Create a vignette outside (not quite this fancy)

I have a few birdhouses but these were special, modeled after vintage homes.  A birdhouse might be something new for your garden this year!

This is from the "try a new weird plant" this year category.  I do not have room for a plant this big but I hear it is a beauty!

Save all of your old tires for this display?

Some Hort Couture to wear in your garden!

Can you imagine setting a table like this on your patio?

A bedroom to die for!

The above is the bling part of a garden show, but there is a lot of work that goes into executing one of these events and hopefully there is meaning in what the producers are trying to say.