Friday, August 12, 2011

Blooming Again

We all want continually blooming gardens and this is an achievable goal if we plan ahead.  Deadheading is of course one way to insure rebloom but using the correct plants is also part of the solution.

Blue Paradise Phlox

Snapdragon La Bella (grown from seed and planted in the spring) is coming up behind the daylilies that have been cut down.  Snapdragons will take the cooler weather and even a light frost, 

Pink Gaura is also coming up behind the Dark Ruby daylilies that have been cut.

Gaura is not always a perennial in my area but the white one came back this year.

Coleus Sedona is coming back from being ravaged by insects.

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash
Gaura is coming up between the Pulmonaria, daylilies have been cut down behind.

Pink Meidiland is beginning to bloom again.

Phlox Shockwave
New and just planted already has been whipped around by a storm.

This was an unnamed phlox from Home Depot.  The tag purposefully had the name cut, wonder why!  I bought two of them to fit between the foliage of daylilies that have been trimmed.  The phlox is tall enough that it will come up through the foliage next year.

I am hoping it might be Peppermint Twist which I have been looking for the past two years!

On my weekend trip to Wisconsin I went back to Northwind Perennial Farm and picked up a few plants that were on sale.  I am adding another Amsonia Northwind Select to my front pathway border.  If they get as big as the ones I saw on their farm I am in trouble.

This is a Molina Moor Grass that will be planted in back of the daylilies out in front.  When the daylilies are cut down the grass will show for a fall display.

I should cut some of the Amaranthus in the south side raised bed.  It can be put in containers either fresh or dried.

Daylily Amelia was cut down and behind it is Sedum Autumn Fire which does not flop.  I replaced Autumn Joy in this location because it was very messy looking all over the ground.  Autumn Fire is not quite as showy in regard to color but it will stand through the fall and winter.

Arnie's Choice Daylilies beginning to sprout after being cut down a couple of weeks ago.  Plumbago is spreading underneath.  In another week all of those brown stalks can be easily removed.  I think I will put some small cabbages in this area for the fall, must be careful of all the bulbs underneath.

Miscanthus Little Kitten comes up late at first hidden by bulb foliage and then daylilies.  It will eventually put forth long fuzzy seed heads for a fall display.

The Becky Shasta Daisies have been cut to the ground and behind them Boltonia Pink Beauty is getting ready to bloom.

At the edge of Miscanthus Udine on the south side raised bed Purple Dome Aster will be blooming for the fall.

Eupatorium Chocolate is at the end of the zinnias on the hot south side but it will put on a show of cloudy white flowers in the fall.

This is Sandra Elizabeth my latest blooming daylily.  It has taken the place of earlier blooming Hyperion and Red Magic.  Underneath them Vera Jameson Sedum is getting ready to bloom.

Vera Jameson Sedum