Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebrations

The First Thanksgiving lasted for three days.  The Native Americans had come a long way and weren't just going to pick up and go home the first night.

The Native Americans introduced us to popcorn, first throwing it into the fire with the children chasing it as it popped, later on they figured out a way to control it by putting it in containers of sand and then heating them until the corn popped.  Sorry, it didn't come with butter!

A recreation of the Plymouth settlement after the first year

Turkeys are not very bright animals, they easily panic and can become trampled in a farm situation.  Out in the wild, they have limited flying ability and their poults (babies) if they become wet will die. 

It is most likely that roast duck was served, not turkey.  Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce were not yet invented.  George Washington actually made Thanksgiving a formal holiday, but in February.  It was Abraham Lincoln in 1863 that declared that Thanksgiving be celebrated in November

Thanksgiving is a real holiday in the United States as it is not based in pagan or religious culture.  The Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower really suffered and would not have survived if not for the Native Americans and their help.  They taught them how to hunt, plant seeds and fertilize their crops, helped them build real homes, not just lean to's.

A great book to read to your children or grandchildren

Sometimes we forget why the Pilgrims came to America, to escape religious persecution, they wanted to be able to practice according to their own beliefs, but the celebration of the First Thanksgiving was a celebration of survival not religion.

A more modern Thanksgiving feast

I am not having Thanksgiving, we are gathering at my son's home, but I do bring part of the meal each year.  My mother's table always included items like candied sweet potatoes, rutabaga and brussel sprouts.  Well, we all know these are acquired tastes and some of us never like them and the children don't even want to taste them, just the names turn them off.

Mashed Rutabaga with Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Candied Sweet Potatoes

So, this year I am going to depart with tradition and possibly make pies and homemade rolls but I have to make the candied sweet potatoes.  I can already taste them!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!