Monday, April 26, 2010

Container Time

It is that time again, to plant the containers!  I don't know why I bother each year to say I am going to cut down on my container gardening.  There is something about seeing various containers throughout the garden as points of interest.  They make every part of your garden a "go to" location.

I do have some small Guy Wolfe pots that I purchased up in Wisconsin and I use them around my vegetable garden.  Even with additives they dry out quickly, but they look "cottagey" and I like that look around my vegetable garden.  I do bargain hunt for pots at the outlet stores and have found some really special containers such as the broken ceramic piece pots.  We have added drainage holes to many of these with a ceramic drill bit.  It is important to have drainage holes or your plants will rot. 

I purchased two new pots this year the same color tone as my home, and I gave away pots that were repaired or just not something I use anymore.  We put them out in the alley and they were gone within an hour.  It is good to know that someone will get use out of them.  I have a ton of too small pots stored in cabinets in my garage which I should also give away because they dry out too quickly when planted. 

I do use moisture control potting soil, but I also add water retaining crystals to my mix.  Do not add too many preinflated crystals or during a rainstorm they will be all over the ground.  I know the resin pots are getting better and better each year, but I still favor the real thing, concrete, ceramic, clay, etc.  I did purchase two pre-planted bluestone look resin pots at Costco for the far end of the garden, and from a distance, they look great.

Containers require consistent fertilization, at least every two weeks.  I mix up a five gallon pail of super bloom fertilizer, fill up my gallon jug and fertilize, fertilize.  That's what I mean about containers, they are work!  We will revisit when I begin to plant the thrillers, spillers and fillers.  Figure out your expenses per plant, soil, etc., and sometimes is is more economical to purchase a preplanted container if it has all off the colors and plants you desire.

I keep telling myself with each one I plant, they are a lot of work but so beautiful!