Saturday, July 10, 2010

Around The Garden

I can always count on my daylilies!  I have not noticed any damage from earwigs, japanese beetles or the rabbits.  Even though many of my perennials have grown out of bounds this year, the daylilies seem to stay within range and bloom at the appropriate time.

Several of my clematis have gone crazy needing more support than usual to stay upright.  Interesting that Heliopsis Lemon Queen, which is usually quite tall by now, seems shorter than ever. Maybe, it didn't like all of that rain!

The vegetable garden is giant, if a small garden can be giant, some curl on the tomato leaves, but not too bad.  We have already had some of the Burpee peppers that I ordered, supposedly mild - whew quite hot.  I am really liking the idea of planting some flowers on the edges of this garden.