Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Containers In The Back Garden

I resisted buying pre-made containers this year because they are so overgrown even at the beginning of the season.  I gave in on two Proven Winners designs from Home Depot because they had everything I wanted as far as plants and color and they were not on steroids.  I am still happy with these two choices.

This one I repotted into a nicer looking basket, a little tricky getting the whole basket out in one piece.

Obviously, when doing your own containers, the plants are smaller and you do not get that filled out look instantly.

Caladiums and Torenia

Magenta Supertunias and Bocapa

Moses In The Cradle with verbena, zinnias, Diamond Frost Euphorbia

A single New Guinea Impatiens will eventually fill up this planter.

The Rex Begonia on the patio has many pink flowers budding.

A copper Reggie dog with purple oxalis

I used a pink, yellow, purple, blue and bronze tones in the back containers.

Intensia Bueberry Hill and Tidal Wave Petunia (It will trail and also climb)

The hayracks on the shed look great this year.  I stayed with plants that I know will take the heat.

Hayracks on north side fence, very simple Bubblegum, Bordeaux and Tidal Wave Petunias

Emerald Isle Sweet Potato Vine, many times passed up because it doesn't look great when in the small pot at the nursery but it is beautiful when it fills out.  Use either with other plantings or as a spiller.

I have also been experimenting with a new soil by Miracle Gro that expands, feeds and retains water.  It is expensive (but you do get three times as much when water is added) so far I am thrilled with its water holding capicity in the hayracks, containers and baskets

I do not have it in all of my containers but enough of them that it has made my life much easier and more beautiful plantings.  I did find it at Home Depot, but they had it hidden away like they were afraid to market it because of the price.  It looks like a small bag for $15 plus dollars but when it expands it is a lot for the money.