Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bulbs In The Spring Border

We all love to see the first bulbs of the spring and they are so effective in mass that they can take your breath away.  However, we all dislike the foliage they leave until mid summer!


It takes a plan to enjoy the bulbs and cover up the foliage until it has cured and stored enough energy in the bulb for next year's display.
Sweetheart Tulip is just beginning to open and it will leave large ugly foliage for months, but notice in the foreground the daylilies coming up that will completely cover the tulip leaves.
Daffodil Early Sensation
This is one of the earliest daffodils so the foliage dies down before all of the others.
Daffodil Fortissimo
Another early one, that is the secret, pick early bloomers for earlier die down of foliage.
Daffodil Mareike grows up between the stems of Itea which when leafed out covers the daffodil foliage. 

Daffodil Itzim grows up between the Starlight Hydrangeas which when leafed out will cover most of the daffodil foliage.  These hydrangeas will have to be cut to the ground this year because of our extreme cold weather.

Daffodil Sagetta with City of Haarlem Hyacinth, foliage covered by the grasses Pennisetum Hameln.

Daffodil Spellbinder and Mount Hood
There are grasses, daylilies, allium, phlox and lilies coming up throughout the front borders all hiding the foliage of spring bulbs.