Monday, July 18, 2011

Lovely Lilies

I have used lilies off and on in my gardens throughout the years but I think I can finally say they are here to stay in my present garden.

This is an Asiatic Tango Lily, believe it is called Honey Bee.  I had Halloween last year in my garden but it didn't come back.

This is an Asiatic called Regal.

I am not thrilled with having to stake certain types and the fading of the darker colors is a disappointment.

Orienpet Satisfaction

Orienpet Satisfaction faded

It will take a little moving around so that I can give the beautiful raspberry one a little more shade.  Like daylilies I will need to study the bloom times so that I can have lilies in the garden all season.

Orienpet Lavon is my favorite, beautiful fragrance and lasts longer than the others.

Orienpet Lavon Look Alike in the back border.  It looks similar but I do not have the name of this one!

Orienpet Lavon with Dark Ruby Daylily.

Lilies look great mixed in with other perennials such as phlox and daylilies.  This lily is Orienpet Conca D'Or with Blue Paradise Phlox. 

I purchased a bag of mixed lilies (all Orienpet) but most of them were too small to bloom this year.  I won't do this again as I was planning on having extended color in the raised bed garden where my daylilies reside.

Orienpet Anastasia
Only three or four will bloom out of twenty-five bulbs, all came up but not with flowerheads.

Remember, when you plan to use lilies in your garden, they can become quite tall and probably will need staking.  The show is worth it!

Orienpet Lavon Look Alike
Orienpets can become four to six feet tall.

Orienpet Conca D'Or