Monday, June 23, 2014

Pink In The Garden

Pink is a very important color in the garden.  It tempers the hot colors of summer like orange, yellow and red and seems to blend with all of them.  Pink likes blue and white as companion colors and comes in all sorts of pink tones.

Interplanted with Blue
Hagley Hybrid Type III
Comtesse de Bouchard Type III
Clematis Ville de Lyon Type III

Carefree Beauty

Pink Knockout

David Austin's Mary Rose
The only rose I have with glorious fragrance

Pink Meidiland
Rainbow Knockout
All The Rage
Rex Begonia
Lythrum Morden's Pink
Echinacea Kim's Knee High
Non-Stop Begonias
Non-Stop Begonias on the patio
Lots of pink in this container! 
Zinnia Uproar
Pink looks great with yellow!